Tommy Bolan's Metal Maniax Radio Show featuring the bands at

Metal ManiaX Radio Show
Tommy Bolan Host

James Gypsy Nagy - Co-Host
Nick Sow Joyce - Engineer
Tommy TBones Cramer - Man on the Street

Metal ManiaX Team

Tommy Bolan
James Gypsy Nagy
Nick Sow Joyce
Tommy TBones Cramer

Metal ManiaX Radio Show was given life when Gypsy and TBones got together over an idea. The idea is one that TBones has had since 1999 shortly after launching 440MUSIC.COM. That is to produce a quality radio show with a well know musician using the music found on 440MUSIC.COM. After several conversations, Gypsy brought on Tommy Bolan and later Nick Sow Joyce joined the team. Metal ManiaX is a four hour radio show where host Tommy Bolan will provide helpful information about the music industry.

Metal ManiaX is a syndicated radio show that can be heard on english speaking radio stations around the world.