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440Music is one person trying to do what he can to support Unknown, Unsigned and Indie Music in all genres and I'm looking for 10 dedicated people to help me with the web site and 20 to 30 people to help me with the radio stations. Who is ready to be part of the Oldest Internet Radio Station dedicated to Unknown, Unsigned and Indie Music?

Since March 1999 I've managed to keep up with technology although with the current changes I'm falling behind to the point that I'm almost doing a disservice to the musicians I'm trying to help. In August of 98 I created a forward slash web site and in March 1999 that site became 440MUSIC.COM. May 1999 I launched our first live Internet Radio Show with Dave a bass player I meet on stage. For seven years we did a live show and collected thousands of song. I had a catastrophic failure with my in house servers and lost almost everything. December of 2006 I installed a data base with PHP front end and launched a second radio station dedicated to Metal Music and over the next 2 years I launched 4 additional radio stations dedicated to Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Christian and Blues. Things were moving along fine for the next 5 years which is when cell phones became the communication device of choice. New technology again and I'm trying to keep up with it and falling behind which is why again I'm posting to find people to join me.

You must have the following skill sets to join the web team MySQL(open to database change) app development, PHP and love music.

Creative thinkers, music lovers and understanding of radio advertising recording and sales. All members of the team will be asked to do a 30 second voice over skit that has been written to promote 440Music.

Indie Music Lover who has a desire to be on a live radio station. We do not podcast all shows will be live although I reserve the right to record every show for my history and I hope you also keep a copy for your personal records.

My web site is about 4 years behind technology which has given me time formulate a plan for advancement. Currently every member at 440Music can create an optional playlist, follow bands and be social with the music they like. Musicians can upload songs, videos, pictures, blog, share gig dates and be social with fans. Labels, Management, and Studios do what Musicians do to multiple profiles with one log-in. You follow and track fans, song plays, video plays, picture views, page views and sales. The profile creator is allowed to include their band mates, managers, label and whom ever they choose to share with.

5 coders should expect to complete the updates to the current web site in 3 months working 10 hours a month. The first 150 hours will be dedicated to updating the current script and make several addition to the database once completed we'll look to the future. With 5 app coders I hope to launch November 1, 2016 with 5 radio stations for the following genres Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Christian and Blues. The app needs to be expandable as we launch new stations for other genres.

I have the history and passion and need people who have 8 to 10 hours a month, the skills, passion for music and/or would like to provide funding.

Contact Tommy at tombones @ 440music.com or Call or Text me at 773-491-9937

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2017 440Music Radio will be LIVE on Thursday
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