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How To Submit your songs for AirPlay?
You don't need to be a member for AirPlay although members do receive additional support. Non-Member submissions are accepted at songs -at- 440music.com

Submissions must be named as follows.

  1. song-title
  2. artist-name
  3. album-title
  4. genre
  5. .(mp3, ogg, flac, wav)

If you are submitting a single not associated with an Album, CD or EP use "single" for album-title. Our Radio Player will also search for and connect to your music sales portal even if you aren't using the 440Music Shopping cart.

Re-Design Project

440Music Entertainment Co is a 1 person team and I'm working the best I can redesigning a mobile friendly web site. If you are a web tech, Linux Admin or you posses any web coding skills and are interested in promoting Indie Music