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I'm working on the radio server and web site moving to new servers and since I'm a 1 man team I hope you understand that I'm working the best I know how to get everything back online.

Please accept my small of contribution and understand that I wish I could do more. There are times when you feel you have to be strong if you are going to see the sunrise again and then there are those times when you just want to give up and let someone take control and fix the mess. I honestly have always felt that control was something I'd never want to give up, I am very confident by nature and my mother encourage me and my siblings to believe in ourselves. My mother and father were both talkative people who could easily hold a conversation with almost anyone. That could be a family treat passed down from my Grand Parents, my Grand Mothers were very social didn't know Grand Dads but they knew me, that's a cool thought.

To help I will provide my radio stations to musicians who would like to do a living room concert, thank you Carole King the Living Room Tour which inspired this idea. Musicians, the club musicians who tour city to city playing 150 to 500 seat rooms, you know who you are. I've been hearing stories about waiters, hair dressers, hotel workers loosing income and famous musicians doing a benefit but no one talking about you. I never gigged city to city hell my songs never made that Sunday night local artist show but I know who you are and the club fans know who you are lets work together to connect you to them. I can't offer much but I can offer my radio stations for you to connect and play a show. I'd move and gig and move and gig 6 months, school year or till the money ran out and Mom was always a free meal.

Please accept my small gift in the spirit of giving.

You Need
  1. Internet Connection( for Live 128k or above)
  2. Mic(Quality Mic and soundboard work great)
  3. A device to connect your Mic to the Internet
  4. A Living Room
  5. I'll post on the few social sites but I really don't use them, I feel like I'd be supporting my competitors.
  6. Recorded shows OK with phone interview
My radio station can handle give or take 1000 listeners and with advance notice I maybe able to arrange additional connections.



440Music is all about Indie Music, from day 1 our goal is to play the music that other radio stations don't play.

440Music is looking for Web Techs, SEO Expert, Radio Hosts, Program Manager, Sales Person and Database Manager

Tommy TBones Cramer
440Music OnLine Radio
3200 N Lake Shore Dr
Suite 1103
Chicago, IL 60657
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Submite your songs to tombones@at@440music.com name songs as follow: song-title_artist-name_genre.mp3

This is 440Music OnLine Radio Service, if you're a musician who'd like us to play your music you first become a member of 440Music, upload your songs and we take it from there.

    440Music.com is for
  • Indie Music Fans who like to discover and share plus it's better then a podcast you can change your playlist.
  • Unsigned and Indie Musician who understands that keeping their music, videos and career in one place is the only option.
  • Music Industry Porfessional who bridge the gap between bands and fans
  • Recording Studio post open studio times and book using our scheduler.
  • Club Owners post schedule and pre show ticket sales option available.
  • All Music Industry Professionals are Welcome and Encouraged to become Members.
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