440Music Entertainment Co

Privacy Commitment

This is not a long privacy statement that if you're like me don't read plus I'd have to have a law degree to understand, I'll keep this short and simple to read with the hope that you understand.

  • You retain all rights to your personal information and song submissions!
    The information shared is what you allow our visitors to view or hear.
  • Personal Information.
    Your information will not sold or distribute to any 3rd party. You control how 440Music communicates with you in the need of alerting to a security breach or changes to the privacy statement or rules.
  • Mechanical Fees
    440Music provides Free Services to the music industry including musicians who are looking for airplay on one of our many radio stations. We ask that you allow us to play your music on our radio stations with out mechanical fees(royalties free). The Radio and web site were not designed to be a commerce service although as of recent my personal situation has changed which requires adding a few new service I can charge a fee for such as web site hosting.

Information Gathering

When you create a User Account with 440Music Entertainment Co, the information we receive includes your email, mailing address, phone number and IP Address which are recorded and stored our the database. The information is only used internally by 440Music and is not distributed or shared with any third party.

Web Site Cookies

When visiting 440Music Entertainment Co website we prefer using session which are stored on our servers where a cookie is stored on your computer. Cookies contain anonymous identifiers which allows our servers to communicate with you upon return. Cookies are stored in your device's Privacy and Security settings of the web browser used to connect with 440Music. Deleting 440Music cookies from your device can be completed without harm or interruption of service with 440Music web site or sub sites such as radio servers.

440Music Income

How does 440Music Entertainment Co make money?

  • Music Sales 13%
  • Web Hosting Service
  • Community Shopping Cart Sales 5%

440Music only earns when we help you sell your music and/or gear. We don't not sell banners, radio ads or use PPC revenue services. The banners displayed on 440Music.com and the sub-domains are a free service for our members. Radio advertising is also a free service which is a collection of listeners and members line drops, song intros and promotional ads which are included in all membership levels.
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